Madilyn Cotterill

Elf Ranger


I am a young wood-elf ranger, Madilyn Cotterill. I grew up the adopted child of human parents on a small subsistence farm outside of a small town on a road a 3-4 days ride from the city. My otherwise open parents refuse to talk about the circumstances of my presumed abandonment by the elves. Any memories I may have had before this period of my life are missing.

My formative days were spent working the farm and foraging/hunting the surrounding wooded-mountainous countryside (devoid of wood elves), sometimes for days at a time. Ours was not a highly traveled route to the city, but we would occasionally sell surplus food or animal pelts to travelers (almost always headed towards the city). Meeting the strange variety of people headed purposefully towards city has fueled my fascination for it. My (gods fearing) parents tried to be sensitive to my cultural confusion but defaulted to raising a “normal” human child, hence my ridiculously human sounding name, a sore subject with me (in the city, I have been toying with going by Cotter, which wile still human at least isn’t overly feminine). I was largely ostracized or teased by the village human children I came into contact with and have had very few encounters with other elves (all negative).

Though I love my parents and appreciate their raising me under very difficult social and economic circumstances, I am desperate to find my own identity and hopefully uncover some information on my past. I left as soon as my parent’s natural son (Adeon, now 11) was old enough to take over my tasks on the farm. He was both my only real friend and someone I mentored in woodsmanship. Leaving him is the hardest part about coming to the city. I plan to keep in touch as much as possible.

While my social skills are on the rough side (naturally distrustful and “prickly” at first, followed by over-sharing (especially after a drink or two)) stemming from my lonely childhood and identity issues, I am very much want to find a group of companions who accept me. I am
of course more comfortable in the woods, but i find that my habit of quietly observing/stalking wildlife has served me well in an urban environment.

I particularly enjoy studying how different races interact. I am ever on the lookout for half-elves. I haven’t’ been in the city long, and feel the need to head into the Wolds occasionally to “recharge”, but I refuse to visit home until I feel i have made progress on my identity issues, or at least have done something interesting enough to share.

Madilyn Cotterill

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