Elven Wizard


Theadras is an elf wizard. He speaks common with no accent and, other than a magic Cloak of Elvenkind, he dresses more like a human merchant than an elf. He has black hair and blue eyes and is slightly taller than the average elf at 5’3". He wields a longbow with some proficiency and keeps a dagger for unpleasant face to face confrontations.

When Theadras wants to introduce himself to adventurers, he will typically cast Detect Magic to look for interesting magic items (he can do this from 60 feet away and only needs ~20 seconds, so he’s quite discrete). Theadras will then say something to the effect of, “I couldn’t help but notice that lovely ring you have. You must have slain something truly mighty to earn that.” Generally, that sort of ingratiating comment will get the adventurer in the mood for some story swapping and, after a few rounds of mead, they become best of friends. Theadras is genuinely curious about almost every subject and most people find him delightful to talk to.

However, Theadras doesn’t generally talk about himself much. When he does, he speaks with great love for the time he spent in the elf cities in the West. That is where he was working on his magical studies before coming to Kolos Jamorda only a few days before the campaign started. He is quick to mention that he crafts magical items. His black cat familiar is named Ebony, and he will sometimes mention Camilla, but it’s hard to get a sense of exactly what Theadras’s relationship is with her.

Revealed during Old Stomping Grounds, Part 4

After the battle with the armor golems, while everyone is still just catching their breath. Theadras asks that everyone join him in the library, “You all have more than earned my trust. It’s time you knew what I know.”

“My earliest memories are of this library. Being happy in this library. I must have been 50 or 60 at the time. I have since learned that most elves have memories going back much younger [this would be about 12 for a human]. But I do remember this library. Books in Common, Elvish, Draconic, all waiting for me to read them and unlock their secrets. It was my playground.

“It was not for some years that I realized it was really my prison. The Lithos Group owned me. I have no memories of my parents. I don’t know if I was found, bought, or taken in a raid of an Elven village, but I ended up the property of The Lithos Group and I was being raised for one purpose: making the stone golems that help Kolos Jamorda run.

“In my pre-century years [teenage years for humans] my situation became more unbearable. I was an elf being raised by humans in a giant city, far away from my people and my lands. McMillan [the name on the note logging the movement of goods] had been my father figure, but became a guard. I was allowed to leave this complex only under strict supervision. McMillan claimed it was for my own protection in a dangerous city, but by this time, I understood. The Lithos Group wasn’t about to let their next great artificer escape, not after all the time and gold they had spent on me. For them, I was only just about to become useful.

“It was at that time, when I was placed as an apprentice in The Workshop, that I met Etbran. Etbran was one of the Master Artificers at The Lithos Group, and also an elf. Etbran began to share with me the history and culture of the Elves. Etbran sang as he worked; songs I had previously only read as poems. Etbran recounted personal stories with elves that I had only read as legends. Etbran showed me artifacts of my own culture and even crafted for me this Cloak of Elvenkind [Theadras holds up the cloak found in the small room earlier]. My elf blood was awoken. I had to get out of the city. I had to find my people.

“I convinced McMillan to take me on an excursion to one of the city’s great forested parks. I waited until McMillan grew bored an inattentive, then I pulled hood on my Cloak of Elvenkind, quickly ducked into the dark of the woods, and disappeared. I pulled this single thread from that cloak and put it in this vial [Theadras pulls a small vial out of a belt pouch that contains a thin grey thread], but I regretfully had to sell the cloak to fund my escape from the city.

“That was decades ago, but Etbran found that cloak and brought it back here for me, knowing someday I would return from the elf-lands. He left this book of Elven history and signed it. I have to think that he is alive somewhere. And McMillan’s note means that The Lithos Group is still working somewhere, perhaps with more slaves, and perhaps they still have information about my family.

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you all this before, but it is hard to admit that you were once a slave. I ask your forgiveness, and your continued help in finding my family, and perhaps, my revenge.”


Kolos Jamorda Ashroc