War Golem

These creatures are built from the detritus of the battlefield – broken swords, cracked shields, dented armor. They are fearsome to behold and terrifying to confront. They are also for sale. War golems and their handlers are available to whoever can pay their price.

A single war golem can route an army, or so the salesmen in Kolos Jamorda would have you believe.

What the party knows

War golems are leased to those who can pay but such a purchase requires the approval of the Council of Princes and just addressing the council requires an embassy in the city and a sponsor from the Council. This latter requirement is usually not difficult to meet. The person who brings in a war golem sale earns considerable prestige and a piece of the sale price.

The Anzani have previously sought the party’s help finding a location for their embassy so they might begin negotiations for war golems.

War golems are managed by a pilot and a squire. The party’s first encounter with an actual war golem began with The Smell of Arcanite, Part 1.

War Golem

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