Kolos Jamorda

Old Stomping Grounds

Exploring the abandoned Lithos Labs

3rd day of Hollow, 217 V.R.; Late afternoon

The party entered the Lithos Labs building cautiously but soon found it to be deserted and stripped of anything of value. A pair of phase spiders attacked the party, popping in and out of reality to strike, but Gorg-nik killed one and the other fled. Theadras then pointed out a section of wall that he claimed should have a door in it. Theadras conjured a sledge hammer and Gorg-nik smashed through the wall to reveal a flight of steps leading down under the building.

These lower labs showed none of the damage done to the main level. Most functioning objects had been carefully removed and anything too large to move had been covered or stored.

Theadras uncharacteristically sped away from the group to investigate a locked bedroom. There he found his Cloak of Elvenkind, a personal item thought lost long ago, and a book inscribed to him and left on the bed. He promtply sat upon the bed and began to study the book, ignoring his companions.

Hannah remained with the distracted elf while the rest of the group searched other empty bedrooms nearby and fought off the gray ooze that had escaped its containment in an abandoned workshop. Once again Ignax bore the brunt of the attack and once again Gorg-nik delivered the killing blow.

Frustrated with Theadras’s failure to help during the fight, Cotter, confronted the elf wizard about his clear knowledge of the space and his continued reluctance to enlighten the rest of the party. Theadras returned to reality, closed the book, and explained that he had spent a large portion of his youth in this place, a golem manufactory and research lab.

With Theadras paying attention again, the group examined the collapsed wall in the workshop and found goblin tracks coming and going from a tunnel at the top of the rubble. The tunnel led up and into another abandoned building, the tracks led further into the labs. The group decided to finish examining the living spaces before they pushed any deeper. Theadras cast alarm around the tunnel to prevent the team from getting surprised.

They then explored the empty library, now the apparent lair of the phase spiders. The creatures had left behind the desiccated bodies of several homeless people and one goblin. To the group’s surprise, the goblin showed wounds from a bladed weapon. Uncertain what that implied, the group pushed on warily.



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