Shelter in a Storm

“Shelter in a Storm” is one of the seven magical fountains designed for Kolos Jamorda by the famous artificer and sculptor, Grygor Lorvalis.

More commonly known as “The Sleeping Mermaid,” it depicts a female merfolk resting on a storm wracked jut of rock, facedown with her eyes lightly closed and her head pillowed on an outstretched arm. The water around the rock sprays upwards like a perpetually crashing wave.

Around the outside, written in mermish, is an excerpt from the elvish sea poem Skealda Cellanean:

where she lies the sheltered sleep
safe the wave struck stone
through heart of storm
in calm escape
rageful strike and seething sea

“Shelter in a Storm” is unique among the Lorvalis fountains for being the only one to use salt water and thus the only fountain that is purely decorative and that does not also serve as a source of water for the locals.

Shelter in a Storm

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