Smuggler's Friend

The Smuggler’s Friend is a modified bag of holding. It functions as a typical bag of holding with the following changes:

  • When the bag is closed it has no aura identifiable to a “Detect Magic” or similar spell.
  • The bag is built as a wide belt, sized for a typical humanoid, to be worn beneath the clothes. It wraps, at about belly height and the bulk of the bag settles against the small of the wearer’s back. When worn this way, with all but the most skintight clothing, the bag will not be visible to casual inspection although it could still be found by a determined search.
  • Access to the bag, when worn properly, is difficult and requires the same kind of action as donning or removing armor. It is not meant to be accessible during combat.

Now being worn by Gorgnik

Current contents of the bag:
Camping gear – very burned
1 Cure Moderate Potion
2 Cure Light Potion
2 Lesser Restoration Potions
1 Potion of Climbing
Hannah’s Smithing Tools

Letter of introduction to Mountain Dwarf capital in Underdark

Black Dragon Scale from under Swamp Wold

Collection of well made mining tools with elvish script from Forge of Creation
Spider-Dragon Scales – fairly burned
Vicious Mace → to sell

Smuggler's Friend

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