The Sleeping Mermaid

An inn in the northwestern section of Kolos Jamorda, not far from the North Market, named for the mermaid fountain in the square before it.

There is a pub level that opens onto the square. The walls are hinged and sections swing away leaving the space open in the summer or closed in the winter. The bar runs along the western wall of this space, with the kitchen behind it. Behind the eastern wall can be found smaller, more private rooms. Stairs above the kitchen lead to a set of guest rooms Rowan has converted to serve as her own apartments while stairs in the northeast corner lead to bedrooms for paying guests.

There is a garden and chicken coop behind the inn and besides that sits a lodging house. It was originally the innkeeper’s family house but no innkeeper has lived there since the city walls grew past the inn. The house has instead been converted to serve guests seeking longer stays. It is currently occupied by the adventurers and was the site of the events in Something strange in the neighborhood event.

The inn is not as prosperous or as fine as some of the more famous establishments in Kolos Jamorda, but it does well. The pub portion is popular with locals while the guest rooms see regular and repeat visits from traveling merchants and tinkers who don’t mind accepting a slightly longer walk to North Market to get a little more space with a little less coin.

Owner: Rowan

The Sleeping Mermaid

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